We provide the assistance in doing business in Russia, based on our knowledge of the following specific conditions: We offer you:
1. Search for a business partners and customers for your goods and services   10 / name
2. Consultation on operating your business in Russia 100 / hour
3. Consultation and placement of advertising in Russian Media call for price
4. Marketing research of your project for Russian market call for price
5. Public Relations development and maintenance:
  • presentation of your goods and services
  • holding of promotional seminars at your request
  • holding of press conferences and video demonstrations on TV
call for price
6. We offer to be Your Firm's Trade Representative Office in St.Petersburg. 
Our office becomes your office: Receiving calls from your potential customers, satisfying their inquiries about your Firms goods and services as a result of your advertising campaign in the Russian media (our office address and phone numbers will be at your service).
400 /month


Russia. Our office (100 sq.m) is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, across from the "Astoria" hotel. Our experts provide these services since 1987; our company is well known in business circles of St. Petersburg.

For For
Services Provided by the Club Club Members other Persons
Part 1. Business service.
1. Business Consulting supported by main specialists in corresponding fields of business, organization of meetings with the executives of companies you are interested in, visitng companies you are choosing. Participation in Club meetings for juridical person for an year ( Club Membership) 25 € per hour     900 USD+22% Finnish VAT 45-60 € per hour
2. Individual and group consulting involving representatives of state authorities 25 € per hour 250-310 € per hour
3. Rendering assistance in solving business problems in Russia (Finland) involving representatives of state organs (security, customs, border and tax officials, financial specialists etc.). 1-2 items , mainly free depends on particular problem
Part 2. Representation service.
4. Representation of business in Russia (Finland) juridical adress, office equipment, secretary, manager 250 € per month 350 € per hour
5. Full representation of a company in Russia (Finland) provided by registration, economic and financial management, lawer support, relations with authorities, etc. According calculation with discount 10% According calculation
Part 3. Presentations and seminars.
6. Organization of seminars, forums, special presentations of companies: According calculation with discount 10% According calculation
invitation of 20-50 companies, interested in goods, services of presented company, as potential clients ; According calculation with discount 10% According calculation
organization of individual and group seminars.
7. Providing assistance in presentations of companies (2-3 minutes), their goods and services with potential customers (executives of 20-50 firms) 4-6 times per year (during Club meetings). free 85 € per presentation
8. Organization (at request) of 2-3 meetings with representatives and executives of state and business structures at different levels in Club office or another facilities. free 85 € per meeting
9. Organization (at request) of individual meetings with potential partners. free 85 € per meeting
Part 4. Advertisements and PR.
10. Promotion of contacts wth mass media for advertising purposes. free 20 € per hour
11. Providing support in producing of all kinds of advertisements, placing orders for adverticements on discount basis with newspapers and TV. According calculation with discount 10% According calculation
Part 5. Office Service.
12. Leasing of Club office facilities and office equipment. 2 times per year free, then 20 € per hour + commucication costs 35 € per hour + communication costs
Part 6. Visa and Accomodation service
13. Official registration of papers for visiting Russia. -10% depending on type of visa
14. Hotel reservations. free 10 € and more
15. Meeting guests at airports, sea and riverports, railway and bus stations with further escort in St. Petersburg. free, translator 15 € per hour 20 € per hour
16. Transfer from hotels to airports, sea and riverports, railway and bus stations. 15 € per hour 20 € per hour
17. Organization of cultural progams, visits to theatres, museums, exibitions, escorting. 15 € per hour 20 € per hour

Our personnel is always at your service!