The Russian-Finnish Business Club introduces for the first time a Special Offer that will not only be the key that will open doors for new opportunities, but we're certain it will change you and your business life... and it's all so simple! Well, like all good ideas it should be simple.. Of course, doing business in Russia here has never been simple , and especially since the crisis of 1998. In our estimation, understanding is the most important factor.

To succeed, you really must understand the Russian mentality... as we do... we can tell you straight away that there are hundreds of "peculiarities" that are specifically Russian that define their special psyche. Let's just say that the Russian way of thinking is different, more different than you can ever imagine, and it's this difference that can make the difference... We don't or won't say it's easy, no! It's difficult, but yes, it's doable and we do it every day. Now you can, too, if you know how. We know how and we have been doing business here for the last 12 years from our HQ office in St. Petersburg, but it doesn't stop here no! Our network of businessmen and government officials extends to almost every region of Russia. We can take you anywhere you need to be. We want to show you how. Let us assist you and your people in accomplishing what you want most by bringing you in close contact with Russian trading partners - trading partners who you can depend on, businessmen and the appropriate government officials who you need to meet and know, who respect us because of our experience, our expertise... because we understand how they work and have been working together with them for a long time. We can forge a strong bond, a strong working relationship that will stand the test of time. It's up to us, your people and our people together. We want to be your eyes and ears, and we'll take all the fuss and trouble away by doing all your legwork.

Here is just a short list of some of the things we can do for you:

  1. Find a partner and/or prospective customer (seller) of your goods and services.
  2. Establish new relations and use our old connections. Facilitate access to public officers and businessmen.
  3. Consult your specialist on issues related to business in Russia on a regular basis.
  4. Register your company in Russia, and conduct its economic and financial activity.
  5. Arrange quality design and placement of your advertisements with our (your) address in mass media.
  6. Arrange marketing research or expert evaluation of your projects (as applied to Russia), estimate the expediency of real estate acquisition, etc.
  7. Arrange business negotiations and seminars, conferences and presentations inviting the audience and journalists, you desire, and many other events.
  8. Get invitations for multiple entry Visas to Russia.
When we begin working together it's as though you open a branch office in Russia. Your business is our business. Our office is yours. Incidentally, your office is located in the very heart of the downtown center of St. Petersburg where almost everything is happening and at your disposal. We look forward to our first meeting expectantly with hope for a long bright future.